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Earthing Pillow Case 2 PCS

Earthing Pillow Case 2 PCS

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Earthing Pillowcases

(with conductive yard, nature cotton & test grounding cord)

Our high-quality Earthing Pillowcases are designed and manufactured with the finest materials and craftsmanship to provide you with a superior grounding experience as you sleep. Made of fine quality nature cotton, enjoy hour after hour of free electrons as your body rests, regenerates, and rejuvenates.

Our luxurious pillowcases are made of highly conductive materials, including silver. We couple the materials with our innovative Earthing technology to support the connection between you and the Earth and the transfer of free elections. Our revolutionary  Earthing Pillowcases will not only make you sleep better, but you will feel better and be better!


2  Earthing Pillow Case

1   Grounding cord

1   Conductive tester

1   Socket tester

Earthing Pillowcase Materials:

The pillowcases are made of nature cotton lined with fine and pure silver threads that form a grid pattern throughout the sheets. We use fine quality silver as it has unique conductive properties and provides a superior grounding effect.

How to care for Earthing Bedding

Care and Washing Instructions:

Taking proper care of your Grounditude Earthing Pillowcases will ensure that you enjoy them for years to come and that their health benefits are optimised. Appropriate washing of your sheets will maintain their conductivity and ensure that you sleep soundly while receiving all the amazing health benefits that grounding provides you.

Follow these Dos and Don’ts when laundering your Grounditude Premium Earthing Pillowcases:

● Use a washing machine
● Use warm water (40 degrees C/105 degrees F)
● Use only liquid detergent
● Line dry when possible
● If using a dryer, use only low heat (less than 65 degrees C/150 degrees F)
● For ironing, use only low heat

● Never use bleach
● Never use fabric softeners
● Never used any whitening agents or detergents with oils, such as coconut or lavender
● Never use dryer sheets
● Never dry clean

Note: Lotions, bleaches, fabric softeners, and oil will tarnish silver and destroy its conductivity.
If you oil or lotion your body, please do so at least an hour before going to bed.


Read more on Grounding / Earthing here. 


What is Grounding


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Earthing Pillow Case 2 PCS

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Earthing Pillow Case 2 PCS

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Earthing Pillow Case 2 PCS